Installing OAuthLib

The recommended way to install OAuthLib is from PyPI but if you are running into a bug or want to try out recently implemented features you will want to try installing directly from the GitHub master branch.

For various reasons you may wish to install using your OS packaging system and install instructions for a few are shown below. Please send a PR to add a missing one.

Latest release on PYPI

pip install oauthlib

Bleeding edge from GitHub master

pip install -e git+

Debian and derivatives like Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

apt-get install python-oauthlib
apt-get install python3-oauthlib

Redhat and Fedora

yum install python-oauthlib
yum install python3-oauthlib


zypper in python-oauthlib
zypper in python3-oauthlib


emerge oauthlib


pacman -S python-oauthlib
pacman -S python2-oauthlib


pkg_add -r security/py-oauthlib/