Supported features and platforms

OAuth 1 is fully supported per the RFC for both clients and providers. Extensions and variations that are outside the spec are not supported.

  • HMAC-SHA1, RSA-SHA1 and plaintext signatures.
  • Signature placement in header, url or body.

OAuth 2 client and provider support for

  • Authorization Code Grant
  • Implicit Grant
  • Client Credentials Grant
  • Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant
  • Refresh Tokens
  • Bearer Tokens
  • Draft MAC tokens
  • Token Revocation
  • OpenID Connect Authentication

with support for SAML2 and JWT tokens, dynamic client registration and more to come.

Supported platforms

OAuthLib is mainly developed/tested on 64 bit Linux but works on Unix (incl. OS X) and Windows as well. Unless you are using the RSA features of OAuth 1 you should be able to use OAuthLib on any platform that supports Python. If you use RSA you are limited to the platforms supported by cryptography.