Source code for oauthlib.oauth2.rfc6749.endpoints.resource


This module is an implementation of various logic needed
for consuming and providing OAuth 2.0 RFC6749.
import logging

from oauthlib.common import Request

from .base import BaseEndpoint, catch_errors_and_unavailability

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ResourceEndpoint(BaseEndpoint): """Authorizes access to protected resources. The client accesses protected resources by presenting the access token to the resource server. The resource server MUST validate the access token and ensure that it has not expired and that its scope covers the requested resource. The methods used by the resource server to validate the access token (as well as any error responses) are beyond the scope of this specification but generally involve an interaction or coordination between the resource server and the authorization server:: # For most cases, returning a 403 should suffice. The method in which the client utilizes the access token to authenticate with the resource server depends on the type of access token issued by the authorization server. Typically, it involves using the HTTP "Authorization" request header field [RFC2617] with an authentication scheme defined by the specification of the access token type used, such as [RFC6750]:: # Access tokens may also be provided in query and body # Query access_token=sdf23409df # Body """ def __init__(self, default_token, token_types): BaseEndpoint.__init__(self) self._tokens = token_types self._default_token = default_token @property def default_token(self): return self._default_token @property def default_token_type_handler(self): return self.tokens.get(self.default_token) @property def tokens(self): return self._tokens
[docs] @catch_errors_and_unavailability def verify_request(self, uri, http_method='GET', body=None, headers=None, scopes=None): """Validate client, code etc, return body + headers""" request = Request(uri, http_method, body, headers) request.token_type = self.find_token_type(request) request.scopes = scopes token_type_handler = self.tokens.get(request.token_type, self.default_token_type_handler) log.debug('Dispatching token_type %s request to %r.', request.token_type, token_type_handler) return token_type_handler.validate_request(request), request
[docs] def find_token_type(self, request): """Token type identification. RFC 6749 does not provide a method for easily differentiating between different token types during protected resource access. We estimate the most likely token type (if any) by asking each known token type to give an estimation based on the request. """ estimates = sorted(((t.estimate_type(request), n) for n, t in self.tokens.items()), reverse=True) return estimates[0][1] if len(estimates) else None